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Aging in Place

Universal Design for the home

Your home is your refuge, and it should be, and for as long as you like.  According to AARP, most adults over 45 want to remain in their current residence and never move.  But age-related physical changes in the second half of life can make the home itself an obstacle to staying in the place that means so much to you. 

No matter your budget, you can refurbish and remodel, inside and out, to allow personal freedom.  Features such as ample lighting, rocker style light switches, grab bars, lever style door handles, wide doorways, a walk-in shower, a first floor bedroom and level walkways provide comfort for all people, regardless of their age and abilities.  Plus, those changes will probably increase the value of the home, should you decide to sell.   

Some homeowners find themselves caring for their own children as well as live-in parents or other older relatives.  For these families, universal design is ideal. They are free to leave those they most care about to safely navigate around the home throughout the day.

​With the current cost of Health Care Facilities for the elderly, it is often cost prohibitive to move into one of these facilities.  When implementing Universal Design strategies, the cost is one-time and does not continue month after month.  This allows you to live comfortably in your own home, year after blessed year.